Some enlightening & entertaining tech folks I rely on for some awesome information.  Yes, I favor an Apple flavored crowd of tech-geeks.  Come to the dark side, we've got cookies!

Nosillacast - A technology geek podcast with an ever so slight Macintosh bias.

Mac OS Ken - Ken Ray:  Apple News and News Related to Apple News.

While I'm talking about Ken, don't overlook his newest project Eye Chart Magazine.  Or, as Ken likes to say "Apple news you poke and prod... get your fee trial in the app store today.  Where Apple news and tech news make out!"  (Hey, Ken said that, don't look at me!)

Mac Geek Gab - Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come together weekly to discuss things of interest to Mac geeks, yet present them in a way that's both entertaining and informative for the average listener.

We Have Communicators - A Podcast about The iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apps!  You just know you're going to have to have a We Have Communicators Coffee Mug.

 The Mac Power Users are Katie Floyd and David Sparks. The purpose of our show is to turn listeners into Power Users. Each episode will look in-depth at one computing or technology related topic or talk to a luminary of the tech community about their workflow.

MacCast - A podcast about all things Macintosh.  for Mac geeks, by Mac geeks.

ScreenCastsOnline - Don McAllister provides one of the most successful, and well respected online video tutorial services, delivering top quality video tutorials to the Mac and iOS community.

The Mac Show - The British Tech Network. We discuss everything Apple, Mac, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and iPod. Will Green, Dr Happy Mac, Don McAllister, Kyle Swager and Ewen Rankin shoot the breeze on Apple.

Let's Talk AppleThe Let’s Talk Podcast shows are part of the Stoplight Network, and are hosted by Bart Busschots.

Sketchnote Handbook - Mike Rohde of Rohdesign isn't exactly a podcaster, but he's on to something big.   If you ever wondered how to make your note taking more productive or more interesting, take a look at Sketchnotes.