Not sure whether you’ve seen “Circle” (with Tom Hanks).  I saw it last night.

The one word that keeps haunting me is dystopian.

I can’t help but feel like it’s attempting to paint Apple in a bad light.  There were several fundamental thematic images that may drag the general public to that line of thinking, the circular campus, being among the most graphic of these images.  Aside from that the logo - a circle with the right side missing a stripe is reminiscent of the ‘bitten apple’ logo.

Then there is the character played by Hanks who is reminiscent of the charismatic CEO somewhat Jobs-ian, somewhat Time Cook… but ultimately neither.

There is even a disconnected, somewhat alienated & misunderstood “Woz-like” character who is dissatisfied with how the others have taken what he helped build and twisted it to places it was “never intended to go”.

Ultimately the nature of the Circle to profit from its users lost privacy is completely contrary to what we know/love/expect from apple is so antithetical as to be unbelievable in a comparison, I fear the public at large may lose that insight entirely in the whitewash of the other superficial comparisons.

Regardless - it was a damned scary cautionary tale.